Granny Sleuthing Details

As a follow up to our post a couple days ago,  we thought we would provide more details as to why we decided to release the information we did. We have had a list of names for quite some time, but there were specific reasons why we chose to release the names we did as possible cast members.

Kaycie Flores – If you watched our exclusive video posted here on August 4th, you can clearly see this Mommy and Daddy being filmed walking into a local restaurant with their baby. Here is a picture of the male in the video from the same day:


Gossip Granny was able to obtain multiple other clear photos and videos of this couple (all of which won’t be posted, sorry!), and from them we feel confident they show Kaycie, and her significant other Francis Jimenez.

Below are a couple pictures taken from Francis’s Facebook account:



Sunshine (Wallace) Jones – MTV must have done their homework when picking this new mommy to appear on Teen Mom NJ. There is a very long, deep family history here, and we can’t wait to see what is shown on TV. Since Gossip Granny released Sunshine as a possible cast member, she posted on Facebook asking for people to follow her on Instagram and Twitter. However, since then she set her Facebook to private. She also can be seen in the MTV fall promo video in 2 different locations as captured below:

Sunshine Promo   Sunshine Promo2

If you look closely, you will notice the tattoos on both of her arms. Then see the below photo from her Instagram:

Sunshine Insta

All of the above pretty much seals the deal on sunshine. However, we have known about her from the very beginning. This is just the icing on the cake.


Devin McFaull – Devin can also be seen in the promo photo. If you look closely you can see that she appears to have her ears pierced two times, and is wearing the same earrings in the below photos. The first is from MTV’s promo photo, and the second is from Devin’s Facebook page. She also appears to be wearing the same glasses.



You can also find Devin’s Twitter here, although it is protected as of now. We don’t like to prejudge, but from the cover photo, along with some other questionable things we have already seen on Devin we are interested to see her personality on TV.


Angelica Garcia – Believe it or not, we believe Angelica is also in the promo photo! In the below match up from the promo photo and a photo from Angelica’s Facebook, notice the glasses:


Not convinced? Well, we wouldn’t be either going off just that! Especially after seeing all of her other Facebook photo’s, it’s hard to believe that is Angelica. So what leads us to believe she is a part of the cast? A source informed Gossip Granny that the MTV crew was at her baby’s dedication about a week ago. We also received photo proof as confirmation.


Kaitlyn Marcacci – This is the mommy we have the least photo evidence for. However, this was the first possible cast member we were informed about. A source very close to the family revealed to Gossip Granny months ago that MTV was filming Kaitlyn and her boyfriend Raymond Klawitter. Here are a couple better pictures obtained from Kaitlyn’s Twitter account and Raymond’s Facebook:


From the second photo, it is possible that it could be Kaitlyn in the promo photo, but it’s just too hard to say. We are mostly relying on our source for this one.

For ALL of the possible cast members listed above, we also have relied on other social media clues to help aid in confirming their participation in the show. Again, they could have a friend role, but the clues definitely indicate they have been involved in some way.


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